Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Dirty 30

This past week has been craziness!! I've been feeling/being behind at work, and on top of that, came down with a (i'm guessing) viral bug on Wednesday, fever and horrid horrid headache :0(

This was also the weekend I planned my parents 30th wedding anniversary party. Late Thursday night my fever broke and I woke up Friday feeling like a new person. :0) However, due to being sick... Friday was the only day I had to SHOP along with doing a few VERY necessary things for work... After wearing myself D O W N Friday night Stephen and I both crashed!!! Waking to a rash on the day of my parents party.. (this viral bug is hard to kick) :0(

50 -60ish people came Saturday to celebrate my parents 30th wedding anniversary. Running around like "a chicken with my head cut off" totally paid off and was completely worth it. After all my parents have done for me, they totally deserved this a more...

And... celebrating wedding's my Best Friend Nikki and her boyfriend Drew got engaged on Friday morning. BEST WISHES to my gal and her man!!

Trying to keep a simple Sunday, kick this viral rash and prepare for the work week ahead!!


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