Thursday, September 1, 2011

Take TWO

[ due to much frustration of trying to post a blog update earlier this week]

Take TWO

I titled my post earlier this week: What's New!

I had been thinking about the past several weeks (since yes that's the last time I blogged) :) and was thinking, what's new!

- I found out I'm going to have the THREE sweetest NEPHEWS! YAH!!
- Stephen and I bought a bigger dresser and queen size bed.... sinara double
-6 out of 9 nights Bauer has slept in his own doggie bed! And we are like 4-5 weeks in with no Pee Pee "accidents" on our couches!! He's also learned to sit, or he doesn't get to go OUT :)
( he's been an awful S L O W learner, but that's what we get taking in a 5 year old (male) doggie.
- Stephen and I have signed up to serve with the Pre-school (special needs) at TPC at Spring Hill we also signed up for small group this semester and are looking forward to our "Love and Respect" group.
- Brody turned (2)
- Hunter started (1st grade)
-My sister is turning 19 in (2) days
-and I've got the painting itch again, this time we're headed to the Master Bedroom (after two years) haha

I KNOW there had to be more on my list the other day, but that's what I get for not saving the original! So that's What's new. maybe this month I"ll do better at updating so I don't have to think back when everything is flying forward!

Blessings to ALL


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