Friday, July 1, 2011

Living Learning Loving

I'm an avid blog reader!!! Blogger myself ? probably not, but I'll give it a shot.

Like I said avid blog reader over here, from adoption blogs (more on that latter) to "mommy blogs" to interior decorating blogs I'm hooked!

While I make no promise of anything of interest said here, I hope to document my days in the life as a Burton. Why Burton? because I'm a newlywed (insert aww). and love the sound of being a Burton and being linked to my husband in this way.. Plus with all the RED TAPE to make it offical I deserve to wear my "new" name out!! :) Okay, back to my husband, the man that said "I do". Stephen, we met ALMOST two years ago while I was [interning] at his "then" job. Our relationship fastly developed... dating for 3 months, living together at 4 , engaged at 6 and married at 13 months .. whew!! bout time for my life to calm down.. Most people say their signficant other is their better half, their rock etc..etc.. In our case Stephen is all that mushyness and more he's my sain half, he keeps me grounded, is there when my brain races ahead of my body and our pockets, :) he is my eternal optimist and my rational thinker. Me? I'm the idea racer, the let's do it now girl, the pessimist, and the spender...

So here we are two newlyweds taking a step into the world and the wonderful/craziness of being 24 and 25, married, homeowners, career social workers, and the fun aunt and uncle to the MOST precious two boys on the planet.

While I hope to one day feel up my days and posts with my children's funny antic's I am happy to keep it simple and tell about the days in the life as a Burton...


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  1. Look, your first comment!!! Love that you are blogging! It is a fun way to keep a document of life in general. It's the new 'diary.' You know....the one you share with the world! I can't believe it has almost been 2 years of marriage for you! Time flies when you are having fun! :) Welcome to the blogging world!