Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So I'm writing this post on 5/1/12

It's a new season here at the Burton house, as Stephen and I are currently in the beginning process to becoming  FOSTER PARENTS. <-- yeah, you read it right! (with the hope of adoption)

We have spent the past couple of years discussing how we hoped to build our family and feel God had truly lead us to this path.

So, how do you begin the process? Stephen and I have been in contact with the recruitment office with the Department of Children's Services Central Office as well as MTSU's... something department (forgot the title) to register to take PATH training classes. PATH stands for Parents as Tender Healers. It's a month of education training in preparation to become Foster Parents.

6/4/12- Officially PATH certified

Stephen and I met with our home study worker on June 20, 2012 to turn in our paperwork! We got in right before she took vacation time to get married!! In the mean time, Stephen and I have been "baby proofing" our home. Anyone who knows me well knows that when our worker comes out to do our safety inspection I don't want any of this "will comply" stuff, I want all my boxes marked yes, in compliance. Stephen has been a rock star helping get everything together (Thanks, babe). And minus a baby gate at the top of our stair (that we have to special order) we are done!! Our worker returns on July 12 so I hope we will be able to get in touch with her soon after she returns to start the "home study". Speaking of home study, you know the thing I do on a daily basis, the thing that I encourage people not to freak out about, be nervous about... Well people, I totally get it!! I'm kinda freaking!! So, to any of my families that read this, I apologize for not validating your nervousness :)

This part is hard for me, I LOVE to know what's coming next, I'm a planner, and not knowing if we I are getting boy or girl, a baby or a 1,2,3,4,5 year old is killing me. How can I plan for a birth to five year old of either gender...? I can't, and I'm coming to peace with that, trusting that all will come together in time.

Stephen and I appreciate all the support we have received. Our family and friends have been gracious in understanding the path Stephen and I have chosen and we are grateful. With that being said, anyone out there who has gone through this process and has advice, pass it this way!! We are walking into unfamiliar territory and love talking with other families who have walked this path as well!

Just the life of a

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  1. Praying for you and Stephen as you get ready for this new life change. God has a plan. :)